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Getting to Know Our Reality


For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.  1 Corinthians 13: 9
     In Paul’s letter to the new Christians living 44 miles from Athens in Corinth, Paul focuses on love, no matter what our eyes and ears are reporting. It is not a question of denying what we see; it is knowing we only see part of the picture.
     Our five senses are not effective in the Kingdom of Heaven, our inner reality. This is because God is all, both invisible and visible. God is not subject to material limitations or time or space. God is now. It is our body and other outer experiences that are material. God is there, too; our error is to believe our senses are the whole picture.
     God doesn’t change. God is absolute, complete good whose substance is love. We cannot be separated from God’s loving presence; therefore, our substance, too, is love.
     God cannot come into our earthly, sense-based desires to “fix” something in our lives. God cannot “fix” what is already perfect. God can only be and express His nature, everywhere, always, pure love, all good. And God has given His nature to each of us. We are not separate human beings who pray to God for blessings.
     Blessings are already fully, completely given to us.
     It is we who must rise out of our pattern of believing that the partial picture is the whole reality. Rev. Dr. Craig Harris says we pray from God, not to God.
     Jesus Christ said many times it is your faith that made you whole. Our prayer to Our Father/ Mother God, is to ask Your help to expand our understanding, our faith, our belief.
Thank you, God.


Provided by Rev Mary Emma Dryden ~ March, 2021