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The Sanctuary


Many of us can call to mind a particular place where we’ve experienced an extraordinarily deep peace and sense of the Divine Presence. This may have been in a church, a temple, a mosque or simply in some outdoor setting. The spaces set aside for prayer and worship, known as sanctuaries, are considered holy and offer shelter or refuge from worldly concerns.
In such spaces, we become still and intensely aware of our inner connection with all of creation. Here we are acutely attuned to the realm of life beyond the physical and mental self, and realize the sacred nature of Spirit abiding within us. This inner sanctuary is our true abiding place, a place of shelter and refuge from worldly appearances and mistaken beliefs.
Most Wondrous God, we give immense thanks for every experience of Your Indwelling Presence. Amen
   Provided by Rev. Pat Beach ~ June, 2022