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Thy Will Be Done


We may take great pride in our ability to persist in challenging situations.  By being persistent, we work to get through problems, overcome bad habits, and build new skills. This quality of character may serve us well in so many ways. And yet, it can undermine our spiritual growth because it gives us the illusion of a power other than God. In truth, any abilities we think of as ours are actually gifts from God. For spiritual unfoldment it is necessary to surrender every illusion of a self that we believe to be separate and apart from God.  
To know that we live, move and have being only in God, is to accept that I of myself can do nothing. This understanding reduces or eliminates the human resistance to the flow of God’s Grace. It permits us to “stand still” in humble surrender so that His will is done on earth as it is in heaven. This attitude changes our willfulness into the willingness to “Let it be done in me according to Thy Word.”  Giving up the illusion that there is a separate self is the key to heaven’s gate. Let us enter into Reality and return to Our Father’s House.
God of heaven and earth, we give praise and thanks for the Love that makes it so.  Amen.



Provided by Rev. Pat Beach ~ August, 2021