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Truth Dissolves Duality


            There are certain basic ideas we say in one sentence and our next thought shows that we do not believe this is so. For example, the Divine Science Statement of Being opens with God is all, both invisible and visible. Our next thought could be how am I going to pay this bill? How can I believe God is all when my bank account denies it? 
            Fortunately, the idea that God is all has been with us since before the beginning, before the sun. It is a Principle, and Principles do not change. There is not more of God in some places and less of God in other places. God is all good, everywhere, always.
            Our intellect may want to challenge this. However, in 1st Corinthians 13:12 Paul says now I know in part. What looks incomplete and negative to us is only part of what is going on. Since God is all there is, we must accept that some part of God’s activity is not visible to our five senses. Our freedom is in acceptance of good before it is visible in the outer. We do not look for confirmation in the outer, we hold in our awareness the Truth that God is all and leave the outcome to God. The duality of good/bad, sick/well, more/less is dissolved.
Thank you, God. 



Provided by Rev. Mary Emma Dryden ~ June, 2021