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Giving Thanks


We’re moved to give thanks when we know that we have received anything of benefit. These gifts could either be of a material nature or something else. We are grateful and naturally give thanks to the giver of those gifts. We may also give thanks as a matter of custom or habit such as in prayer each morning or evening or just before meals. These acts through the day acknowledge that we are continually blessed in even the most ordinary ways and circumstances. The practice of giving thanks in many ways and forms awakens us to a better understanding of just how much is given to us.  
It is another level of awareness that eventually allows us to give thanks for what are called “problems.” These opportunities help strengthen us and build patience, character and awareness. To be in a state of doubt or uncertainty, for example, is to actually be on holy ground. In that circumstance, it is necessary to surrender our own limited understanding and just become still. There as we surrender our personal preferences to become receptive to the greater good. These responses are not based on worldly appearances but on a higher realm of conscious awareness, a deep and abiding trust that God, seen or unseen, is behind and within all that fills heaven and earth. 
Most Wondrous Creator, we give You eternal thanks for the realization of Your Love as our perpetual blessing.  Amen.



Provided by Rev. Pat Beach ~ November, 2020