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Letting Go

As we look around us, we see many different scenarios happening in our world today. We may become upset when someone says an unkind word to us or tells us something unkind about another person; or when we see someone struggling with a health issue.

Judging by outer appearances is like believing in two powers – good and evil. We try to put these thoughts out of our mind; but when we “try” to do something, we are working from the world of appearance.

John 7:24 tells us to “judge not by appearance, but with Righteous Judgment.” When we judge by appearance we are working from the outside. The better way is to “Let go and let God.” This is working from the inside and always has a better outcome.

Letting go and letting God be God in us helps us to overcome fear. We can replace any fear with the Scripture from Genesis 18:14 ~ “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”


    Provided by Rev. Betty Tarpley ~ September, 2023