Divine Science School

 The Founders and Our Well Known Authors Including Emmet Fox and Joseph Murphy


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Are you looking for the next step in your soul's journey? Although it formally began in 1887, Divine Science teaches spiritual truths that have been known since antiquity. This School of Metaphysical Christianity welcomes inquiries from interested people who seek Self-discovery, a clear understanding of the universal laws that affect their lives, and the experience of God's presence.

This "thinking person's Christianity" is a balance of the practical and the mystical. It's immediately useful in 21st century living. Divine Science doesn't insult your intelligence but proceeds in logical steps from a basic belief in an Omnipresent God to a broad understanding of your spiritual identity, inner powers and Divinely ordained destiny.

All people have an innate desire, whether they recognize it or not, to discover and express the "image of God" within them. The Divine Science School provides on-campus and home study courses for people who are interested in gaining this life-transforming understanding.