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Mankind’s Expanding Understanding of Truth


     In Genesis 28 we find the story of Jacob cheating his twin brother out of this inheritance. When Esau discovered what had happened, Jacob had to flee for his life.
     At that time people believed that gods had their specific territories marked by streams or rivers or other natural barriers. Jacob believed that he had left the area of One God as revealed to his grandfather, Abraham.
     When night fell he used a rock for a pillow and dreamed of a ladder stretching from earth to heaven with angels ascending and descending. Metaphysically, a rock stands for spiritual Truth that is eternal and unchanging.  With Jacob’s intellect stilled in sleep, Truth that is given to every man/ woman came forth: And Jacob awaked out of his sleep, and he said, Surely the Lord is in this place; and I knew it not. Genesis 28:16
     God used Jacob as a channel to expand mankind’s understanding of the universal Truth of God’s loving Presence everywhere with no boundaries of time or space.
     Jacob’s mortal expression was flawed. However, God knew the perfect spiritual man dwelling in him and each of us. 
Loving Father, we get still and listen for your guidance. We know we are one with You now and forever. We feel your peace and love.
Thank you.


Provided by Rev. Mary Emma Dryden ~ June, 2018