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Nona Brooks, Divine Science minister, who is considered to be a co-founder of Divine Science, authored a little book, Studies in Health
In her book, she reminds us that God created us as whole and He knows us only as health. Thus, God and God in action is all there is. Man is in God, of God, like God. Man’s true state is health. Health is God’s intent for us. If we aren’t realizing wholeness, we are not acknowledging God in all our ways – we are accepting God with reservations. 

MEDITATION by Rev. Nona Brooks

Father, we thank Thee that we are parts of a living whole, and that life is infinite in beauty, truth, power, love, and goodness. We thank Thee that we live in Thee, for Thou art the Universe, perfect, wonderful, beautiful, meeting our needs at every point. We thank Thee for the power to know and to do and to enter into realization of life as a result of our knowledge. We rejoice in the perfect whole. 


Provided by Rev. Betty A. Tarpley ~ July, 2019