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Infinite Blessings


Most Gracious and Loving God, it is increasingly clear that everything in worldly life is an opportunity to turn to You in prayer and thanksgiving.
The joys and celebrations are gifts beyond measure that delight the soul. These instances allow us to recognize a life more abundant that comes by Your Grace.  The challenges and sorrows are also gifts, just harder to recognize as the blessings that they really are. These instances allow us to grow in understanding, humility and compassion. In what the world calls “troubled times” we search for something higher than just worldly solutions.
Jesus taught us to judge circumstances not by their appearance but by righteous judgment. This is done only when we “lean not unto our own understanding” but know and trust that You are Present in all times and places. This truth comes to us in times of union and communion and carries us through every circumstance and situation.
God of All, thank You for infinite blessings bestowed upon all of Your creation.  Amen.


Provided by Rev Pat Beach ~ May, 2019