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Off to a Good Start


All of us want our lives to be happy and joyous. The best way for us to achieve that is to be sure to get “off to a good start” every morning. And how do we do this? 
Each day upon opening our eyes to a new day, we can take a deep cleansing breath, exhale slowly and focus on Spirit within. Knowing that we are created in God’s exact image, we center ourselves in the awareness of our oneness with our creator; and a deep sense of well-being fills our minds and hearts. As we rest in the stillness, we silently affirm, “I Am One with Divine Mind.” We inhale the breath of the Divine and as we exhale, we release any limiting thoughts, feeling or discomfort. 
Throughout the day, we keep our thoughts centered on God, the Good, and we are open and receptive to Divine Guidance. With an open heart we receive the Divine flow of God’s Blessings of Love and Harmony; and we send out ripples of Peace both near and far. 
When evening draws near, we know that our day was “off to a good start” as we reflect back on the Blessings of God and know that His Presence watches over us through every experience of the day.


Provided by Rev. Betty A. Tarpley ~ July, 2018