Thoughts To Inspire



We sometimes hear others struggling with life and questioning whether God hears their prayers and asking, “Where is the answer?” We may also have experienced this.
When Jesus’ followers asked him to teach them to pray, he replied in Matthew 6:8b, “… your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” And then Jesus taught them what we refer to as “The Lord’s Prayer.”
Prayer, communing with God, is an important part of our life. It is wise to set aside a daily time to give our attention fully to God. Expecting an answer to our prayer without giving regular time to God is like expecting the doctor to make us well when we haven’t made an appointment with him. Daily contact of prayer and thanksgiving with Spirit is necessary.
Criticism of others blocks our good. Forgiveness dissolves the block. It’s a cleansing process that prepares us for our good. When we stop seeking answers on the outer, sense level, we open the way for God’s Power and answered prayer.

Affirmation: “I let go and let God.”

Provided by Rev. Betty A. Tarpley ~ October 2017