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One Power


Part Two of Two
            When we read in the New Testament about all the healings that happened in Jesus Christ’s presence: the woman caught in adultery saved and given a second chance; the woman, desperate for healing, who defied religious rules not to touch a man, touched the hem of Jesus’s garment, and was cured after 12 years of suffering; incurable lepers made whole. Then we read that Jesus said I can of my own self do nothing.  John 5: 30
            We begin to understand that Jesus, the human being, knew that the power that revealed the Truth of these people was God’s power, not man’s. Jesus called this inner power the Father Within, the Christ, the Kingdom of God. When the resurrected Jesus Christ left the earth plane, it did not mean that God’s healing power was over.
            God’s Presence and power are the same from the beginning, now, and throughout eternity. This power is not dependent on man’s efforts. We do not earn it or deserve it. We can never be separated from this power, all good, that permeates all creation.
            Let us pray:  Loving Father, we ask your help to come first to you, knowing that you are the only Presence and power, and that all is well.
With deep gratitude.



Provided by Rev. Mary Emma Dryden ~ March, 2020