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Bells and Whistles


The term “bells and whistles” is used to refer to special features in certain machines or appliances. These are taken to be desirable extras over and above a standard model. In this world of modern electronics especially, it seems we get messages and notifications from things such as these many times throughout each day. We get signals from the morning alarm clock, to the phone, the microwave, the seat belt and on and on. These can be helpful but only to the point that they assist us. They can easily become just so much noise and a distraction when they take our attention away from what are really much more meaningful activities.
As we begin to recognize our true identity as a spiritual being living in a foreign country, we begin to see just how easily we really are distracted from getting Divine messages and reminders. Those come to us quietly from within as insight, intuition, and inspiration but first we must become free of the outer distractions. It takes quite a bit of practice to reclaim the focus of our attention and live from the inner realm into the outer. This conscious decision to leave the baubles and frills of the world brings with it the treasures of heaven.
May we be increasing attuned to the Still, small voice within that speaks in Silence.



Provided by Rev. Pat Beach ~ November, 2019