Thoughts To Inspire



The Voice

Dr. Max H. Ballard, who is now deceased, was a Divine Science Minister at our church in Washington, D.C.  Today I will share with you some words from him that he shared in the Divine Science booklet, Aspire, October 1976. 
There is a need in all of us to discover that, come what may,
We are greater than anything that can happen.
We are blessed by Life itself in our instinctive effort to “begin again,” to “come up higher,” to “overcome fear.”
We can do this by recalling that we are never alone.
The Voice that is heard in the silence is forever saying,
“Turn to me.  I will turn to you.  I will hear.  I will uphold.  I will bless.”


Provided by Rev. Rev. Betty Tarpley ~ October, 2018