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Manna from Heaven


“He gave you manna to eat.  He did this to teach you that you must not depend on bread alone to sustain you, but on everything that the Lord says.”  Deut 8:3 (GNT)

In their desert trek, the Children of Israel longed for the simple, everyday things they had known even though held captive in Egypt.  When they hungered and feared starvation, God provided for their needs but not in the form they expected.  Instead of the familiar homemade bread, they were given manna as a gift from heaven. With that came an even greater gift – an opportunity to know that God would always provide for them in every essential way.
They accepted the manna and were fed and nourished at a physical level.  Had they realized that God is the Ultimate Source of all their good, they would have had nourishment for the soul as well.
The lesson is still available to us today — Our Creator knows what we have need of.  As we recognize and honor our total dependence on God, the windows of heaven open and pour out a blessing there is not room enough to receive.

Thanks be to God always for His Infinite Grace and Tender Mercy.  Amen.


Provided by Rev. Pat Beach ~ August 2017