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Governing Our Lives

We have just celebrated the birth of the Christ and in the Scripture from Isaiah 9:6, we read that “the government shall be upon his shoulders.” What does this mean?
As we enter into another year, we may be feeling tired, worried, ill or even depressed. This not the way we were created. We were created by a loving Father in His Exact Image. But we feel otherwise because we have been trying to direct and govern our lives; we have been trying to carry the burden of our lives on our own shoulders (self-governing), and sometimes the burden has been too great for us.   
Now is the time for us to let God have our burden. That was the prophesy, “the government shall be upon His shoulders.” Now at this instant, “Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee…”  (Psalm 55:22) 
Provided by Rev. Betty A. Tarpley ~ January, 2019