Thoughts To Inspire


Whole, Perfect and Complete


In many instances, we will find ourselves looking for the “just right” something. This search for the “perfect” person, place or thing is such a common experience. This instinct in us to find that which is superior to all other things comes from a part of us that seeks to know our Creator, the One God. When we recognize and honor this innate need, we will “leave all” insignificant things and consciously follow a path that takes us back to Our Father’s House.

It is in the Kingdom within us that Wholeness is revealed as the true nature of All Being. In this realm, every illusion of separation dissolves for “when that which is perfect is come, that which is in part shall be done away.”   


Most Gracious God, thank you for Life beyond the shadows into the Reality of Your Perfection.  Amen.


Provided by Rev. Pat Beach