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Born Anew


We have just celebrated Christmas and the miracle of Spiritual Life.  We can affirm:  “Christ Love is born in me.”  As I contemplated this wonderful event, I thought of our founder, Malinda Cramer.   
In her book, Divine Science and Healing, she gives us a treatment “For Mental Discipline” which is a wonderful way to begin the New Year. 
I am Spirit.                                      I express Spirit.
I am Life.                                        I express Life.
I am Love.                                       I express Love.
I am Truth.                                      I express Truth.
I am Substance                                I express Substance.
I am Soul.                                        I express Soul.
I am Intelligence.                            I express Intelligence.
I am Knowledge.                             I express Knowledge.
I am Power.                                     I express Power.
I am Presence.                                I express Presence.
I exist in the image of God,             I express the image of God,
     Co-eternal with Him.                        And shall ever do so.    
My liberty is that with which Christ has made me free.  (Gal. 5:1)
(Treatment V, page 266)
Provided by Rev. Betty Tarpley ~ January, 2020